Company Selection Criteria


  • North American based.
  • Need for global market access (Europe, Asia, North America).
  • Leadership issues at executive and/or board levels.
  • Lack of competitive advantage or no clear strategy.
  • Lack of revenue and/or profit growth.
  • Liquidity need for existing/founding shareholders.
  • Public or private company.

Business Model

  • Recurring revenue model e.g. transactional revenue royalty; software as a service(SAAS).
  • Underlying business generates cash.
  • Company has the ability to raise cash.
  • Debt is manageable.


  • $50-250 million in revenue.
  • Negative operating earnings of no more than $1 million per quarter.

Preferred Industries

  • Software/Technology, Food Manufacturing/Processing/Distribution, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Communications