Company Case Study #1 (return to index)

The Company:

Canadian based software development company servicing the global online gaming industry

The Challenge:
  • the marketplace was evolving rapidly
  • customers were becoming more sophisticated and demanding
  • stock price had declined
  • technology platform needed to accomodate substantial increase in flexibility and volume
  • US government was threatening to prohibit online gaming
  • clear strategic focus was required
The Solution:
  1. Listed the company's shares on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange (not AIM), the epicenter for online gaming ; a newly restructured Board of Directors followed; the CEO recruited an outstanding executive management team to create and execute on a strategy of sustainable growth and profitability.
  2. Implemented the principle based on "ROE" (Return on Effort), focusing on fewer but large and successful Blue Chip name brand gaming organizations, reducing the number of customers while growing the revenue and allowing the development team to focus on innovation and profitable projects.
  3. Differentiated the company's market position to become the "BLUE CHIP" brand in the industry, evidenced by being the first of a very few "regulated" (senior officers, managers, and directors underwent probity to become licensed) and "certified" ( the company's software became certified compliant in four jurisdictions) software providers.
  4. Established a reputation of Customer Service excellence and trust which attracted large global customers such as William Hill ($5 billion market capitalization), Betfair (the largest sports betting exchange in the world), global iconic brands (like Playboy and Marvel), and Western governments (The Netherlands).
  5. Built a globally distributed processing platform which processed over $15 billion per year at 99.9% availability.
  6. Expanded globally in Europe and Asia Pacific markets .
The Result:
  • Became recognized as an industry leader and innovator with five consecutive industry software gaming awards
  • Increased annual revenues from $34 million USD to over $104 million USD
  • Increased annual net earnings from $7 million USD to over $24 million USD
  • Generated over $100 million in cash
  • Increased market capitalization from $90 million to over $400 million